Closing the employment gap for young people

Closing the employment gap for young people is a toolkit for those supporting 16–25 year olds experiencing common mental health problems to gain and stay in work.

Having meaningful work is widely recognised as a key part of wellbeing and some young people can face particular difficulties in finding their place in the labour market.

A significant proportion of the 16-25 age group are affected by common mental health issues. For many these occur at the time when they are entering the labour market for the first time. Helping young people to establish themselves in the workforce is critical to their successful transition to adulthood.

They need help in overcoming barriers including the challenges of applying for and starting work, as well as the challenges of adjusting to the workplace and
finding the support they need to keep going. The benefits of engaging in work are clear, and it is worth investing in new ways of providing this support.

This toolkit presents a range of resources, from academic publications to examples of interesting practice that might stimulate thinking.

Download it here