Curing Violence: How can we become a less violent society?

Reducing violence is a responsibility for everyone in society

Curing violence: How we can become a less violent society is a collection of essays that seek to not only describe the problem of violence in our society but also to offer solutions. Contributors make the case that reducing violence is a responsibility for everyone in society: for those in power, in both government and in the formal criminal justice system; but also for all of us in our schools and hospitals, in the arts and in our civic society, on our streets, and in our homes.

The book includes a foreword from Vicky Foxcroft MP, co-chair of the Youth Violence Commission and contributions from award-winning journalist Gary Younge, Chief Constable Michael Barton, Redthread’s John Poyton and Will Linden of Glasgow’s Violence Reduction Unit amongst many others. It encompass perspectives on curing violence from across public services and civil society, including insights into tackling paramilitary violence in Northern Ireland, public health approaches pioneered in Cardiff, community-led projects in New York City and the personal experiences of victims and perpetrators of violence.

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