Susan de Mont

We are pleased to announce the Susan and Alex de Mont Legacy Fund. This is a new and exciting project aimed at developing services and support for clients, staff, students and third sector organisations in the local community

The legacy fund will contribute to the work of PLIAS, and small donations will be made available to help meet the specific needs of individual clients and staff in the areas of education and personal development.

Susan de Mont was particularly passionate about supporting the development of women; particularly those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. The legacy fund will reflect this commitment by continuing to implement the guiding principles and outcomes already established through PLIAS’ Phoenix and Family Works programmes.

The Legacy Fund is in its’ early development, and we are working to cultivate a lasting legacy in honour of the late Susan de Mont with the support of her husband Alex.

“It is our heartfelt wish to establish an enduring legacy in Susan’s name that reflects her lifelong commitment to helping others realise their potential.”
David Truswell, Chair of Board of Trustees

The team currently consists of a Project Coordinator, who is supported by three students from the University of Bedfordshire, and the Mentoring Coordinator. Norma Hoyte, Director, will have overall responsibility for identifying the legacy project streams, and a letter of wishes has been signed by Alex to ensure that the project streams reflect Susan’s commitment to equipping women to develop skills and the confidence to live independently in the community.

The first Awards Ceremony will take place on Tuesday, 24th July 2018 at the Sattavis Patidar Centre, Forty Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 9PE ∙

The Susan and Alex de Mont Legacy Fund will complement the work of PLIAS Resettlement in supporting some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our society, particularly women from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

Project Criteria

The Legacy Fund currently has five specific streams of support:

The Susan de Mont Mentoring and Community Recognition Programme

This event will take place annually to recognise the unsung heroes who provide support to women and their families, and other service users to improve their quality of life. There will be six awards each year in the following categories:

• Award in Excellence for Mentors (PLIAS Only)
• Award in Excellence for Mentees (PLIAS Only)
• Award in Excellence for Students (PLIAS Only) (from the University of Bedfordshire)
• Outstanding Achievement of two Local Volunteers (in the community of Brent and Harrow)
• Award in Excellence for a Voluntary/Community organisation supporting Women & Families

The Susan de Mont Wellness Hub

When someone can’t afford to maintain basic personal hygiene, this can have dramatic consequences on one’s self-esteem, access to work and place in society. Having essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, health care products, sanitary products etc., can be difficult to purchase when you have limited resources. The Legacy Fund will help to change this with the Susan de Mont Wellness Packs.

This will be supported by

• Workshops on emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, long term health conditions, personal care and readiness for a new start in society.
• Building confidence and self esteem
• Providing access to work opportunities through mentoring

The Education and Personal Development Programme

This programme will help individuals cover the cost of items such as books and equipment, which can often stop an individual from gaining the skills and qualifications they need. The support from the legacy fund will be able to make a difference between someone being stuck in a revolving door situation, to helping them move forward, in a way that could mean success and the potential to change their personal circumstances.

Student Support

The legacy fund will facilitate placements/internships for students from Bedfordshire University to add to their portfolios, by gaining different skills within the work place that will complement and enhance their studies, qualifications and career prospects.

Community of Excellence Awards

This programme will award six organisations with legacy support funds. We will identify and work with organisations supporting women and families, particularly women from the BAME Community. The organisations can be from Brent, Harrow or another area currently supporting women and families to contribute to the development of the project. Organisations that have benefited from the Community of Excellence Awards will be recognised at the awards ceremony.

Contact Details

Andrea Lemard –  Project Coordinator

Telephone: 0208 838 6800


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