‘Susan the Angel’

Poem by Vance McCall, in memory of Susan de Mont

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Susan de Mont

An angel with a heart

A saint with a halo of glory

A mighty woman who walked this earth

She was made of love

Love for those in need

What we take for granted

Would make life worthwhile for other

Ethnic minorities, black women, Asian women or otherwise

Bear the brunt of hard life styles

They have babies they cannot feed

They run from uniformed men….soldiers with guns

They hide from planes that drop their bombs

They bury their little ones, their men

When they no longer breath

This is Hell….. hmmm…. Where is Heaven?

A little water would save so many lives

A need for basics – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap

Sanitary products would go a long way

A shower, some food, a place to sleep

A doctor, a nurse, some medical care

Protection by the state

None of these are available

When you are on the move.

The angel saw and noted these

But she was called to be with the King

We must not forget the work that she did

The kindness she showed, driven by love

The Legacy Fund in place, a fitting tribute

She will be happy as she looks down from above