Use of stop and search

No respect: Young BAME men, the police and stop and search is a Criminal Justice Alliance report investigating the use of stop and search in England and Wales, using existing data and information from consultation with young black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people.

It finds that BAME people are now three times more likely to be stopped than white people, up from two times the previous year. This rises to six times for black people. It also highlights that 15% of stop and search cases showed no reasonable grounds for a search.

The report makes a number of recommendations based on consultation with young BAME people. These include that police should always treat those they stop with respect and professionalism, actively prevent the escalation of hostility and adopt a consistent approach to the use of body cameras.

Stop and Search: A Guide for Parents and Children StopWatch have produced this guide to support children who are stopped and searched or have negative interactions with the police. It provides information on the rights of officers and of the child during a stop and search, the information officers are required to provide to parents or carers and the impact of stop and search experiences on children. The guide advises parents to discuss stop and search with their children to increase their safety and includes information on what action can be taken to support a child who has been stopped and searched.