Curing Violence: How can we become a less violent society?

Reducing violence is a responsibility for everyone in society Curing violence: How we can become a less violent society is a collection of essays that seek to not only describe the problem of violence in our society but also to offer solutions. Contributors make the case that reducing violence is a responsibility for everyone in society: […]

PLIAS to manage David Stewart Bursary

PLIAS Resettlement are managing the David Stewart Bursary, set up to provide a financial contribution to enable young people to access career-focused extra-curricular activities. David Stewart was a fun loving, high achieving, and athletic 19-year-old with his whole life ahead of him. On the 30th March 2001 David’s life suddenly came to end. He died […]

Race and Ethnicity must not become an afterthought

Whitney Iles, CEO of Project 507, has submitted an article to the Clinks blog on issues around representation and voice in women centred aspects of the voluntary sector. Whitney says “We must ensure that within women-centred spaces other identifying factors such as race and ethnicity do not become an afterthought. We must understand that in […]

The experiences of female Muslim prisoners

Muslim Hands has published research entitled ‘(In)visibility’, on the experiences of female Muslim prisoners. Supported by Barrow Cadbury Trust, the qualitative research captures the often unheard voices of Muslims in women’s prisons and explores the often overlooked intersectionality of gender, faith and ethnicity. Findings indicate that female Muslim prisoners are at risk of discrimination as […]

A guide to prison visits

The Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact), has launched a digital ‘Prison Visitors’ Guide’ for a number of prisons across England and Wales. The digital guides, which feature an interactive map, offer the most up-to-date information available for visitors on selected prisons in England and Wales, including how to book a visit, dress code, how […]

Designing wellbeing in prison

Russell Webster has a guest post on his blog from Roland Karthaus, Director of Matter Architecture, on a report entitled ‘Wellbeing in Prison Design: a guide’. The blog discusses how prison design can influence behaviour. It suggests that environmental conditions focused on health and wellbeing can trigger positive behaviours. He writes ‘Our built environment does […]

Supporting BAME autistic people

A blog from Venessa Bobb, Branch Officer of the National Autistic Society, discusses the difficulties black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) autistic people and their families face when accessing support. Research has shown that autistic people within the BAME community experience double discrimination, due to their ethnicity and disability. She writes ‘Everyone has a part […]