Staying fit

Andrew explains how you can stay fit even if you don’t want to attend a gym or do formal exercise and how nutrition supports your fitness

How to stay motivated

Keeley Taverner explains how to stay motivated by exploring your own potential, recognising your life purpose and setting goals to maintain your motivation.

Introducing – Evolve Apprentices

Explanation of apprenticeships in construction and how Evolve work in partnership with CITB to promote construction apprenticeships across London

My advice to the youngers

Local personal trainer Andrew gives his advice to the youngers. Andrew talks about what inspired him to become a successful personal trainer, what temptations he faced along the way, and his philosophy for continuing to be successful.

A healthy, balanced diet

Cooking Champions explains their role in helping local families and gives tips on how to eat healthily even when you are on a budget

How PLIAS helped me

Two PLIAS customers tell us about how PLIAS helped them by putting them through their CSCS card training so that could get work in construction and start planning their careers

Making a good first impression

Terri and Danielle from Strong Group recruitment agency explain how you can make a good first impression and demonstrate a good attitude to a potential employer

Keeley – my story

Keeley describes her route to achieving a better way of life Her journey from being a young, single mum, to starting study, going to university and now running her own successful business.

Alfred’s story

Alfred shares his story of how crime brought his world crashing down when he went to prison and how he has overcome that situation by finding his true purpose. Alfred is now a manager of a youth project based in Wembley

Day in the life of an apprentice

Terrie from Evolve Apprentices tells us what it’s like to be an apprentice on a construction site, what a typical day looks like, and some of the opportunities available to you across London.