Global Thinking

Young women's diversionary project to prevent Girls and Young Women from getting involved in gangs and violent crime.

A Young Women’s Diversionary Project (run in partnership with Young Brent Foundation, Bang Edutainment and StartEasy)

The aim of the project is:

To prevent Girls and Young Women (GYW) aged 8-13 from getting involved in gangs and violent crime. Also, to engage GYW aged 14-17 who are already known to be in the early stages of engaging in gang activity or on the cusp of doing so, so that they divert away from gangs/violent crime.

The Global Thinking Project Partnership supports GYW engagement through:

  • Creating an increase of women only spaces that foster safety and develop a sense of community for GYW- (groupwork, activities)
  • Promoting GYW empowerment to improve their self-esteem, promote their problem-solving skills and motivation.
  • Utilising ways of working with GYW that takes a strength-based approach and use a variety of learning styles to engage mixed ability GYW.
  • Offering a holistic and practical support to address social issues that are linked to diversionary activities including residential
  • Facilitating links with mainstream organisations, especially health, debt advice advocacy, and counselling support
  • Providing access to mentors after the life of the project for ongoing support
  • Facilitating the successful re-entry into school or further education (as rapidly as possible, following exclusion) and into the community (following involvement with youth justice system), through positive mentoring relationship as a way of achieving better inclusion.

This is done through

  • One-to-one and groupwork sessions focusing on emotional wellbeing and positive affirmation.
  • Prevention group work for identified vulnerable girls and young women.
  • Residential opportunities that will deliver awareness raising, human rights education, resilience building

Additional Information

Project Criteria

To qualify for support, you must:

  • Be female
  • Be aged 10 – 25 years old
  • Have an identified connection to Brent
  • Have experience of, or are at risk of, gender-based violence and/or exploitation



Nequela Whittaker

Young Brent Foundation