Moving on Up

Providing young black men with the support they need to access and sustain quality employment

This is in response to research about youth unemployment commissioned by Trust for London. The research found that young black men at all educational levels were much more likely to be unemployed than young men from other ethnic backgrounds. Trust for London and the City Bridge Trust have funded 6 different ‘Moving on Up’ pilot projects across London to address this important issue.

Working as part of a consortium that includes Action West London as the lead, Making the Leap and Access UK, PLIAS Resettlement is working with young black men who either have criminal records or are at risk of offending. The project provides the support required by the targeted client group to access and sustain quality employment. As part of this project PLIAS Resettlement is also recruiting volunteer mentors from the community and linking them with beneficiaries on the project.

This Project is funded by Trust for London and Brent Council.

Additional Information

Project Criteria

To qualify, you should be:

  • Male
  • Aged 16-24
  • Black – this includes people from black British, black African, black Caribbean, other black and mixed black ethnic groups,
  • Brent resident
  • Unemployed