How to stay motivated

Keeley Taverner explains how to stay motivated by exploring your own potential, recognising your life purpose and setting goals to maintain your motivation.

My advice to the youngers

Local personal trainer Andrew gives his advice to the youngers. Andrew talks about what inspired him to become a successful personal trainer, what temptations he faced along the way, and his philosophy for continuing to be successful.

Know your rights when accessing public services

The British Institute of Human Rights, has developed a new tool to support people to use human rights in their everyday interactions with public services. The site was developed with and for people with mental health and/or mental capacity issues, to be able to know and use their human rights as a way to ensure […]

Bank Accounts for people leaving prison

A great number of individuals currently serving sentences or recently released don’t own a bank account. A new resource explores the reasons for this, the impact this has on society and the ways you can secure your own bank account. Leaving prison is a moment to celebrate for many individuals, but the process of getting […]