Principles for working in criminal justice

Clinks, of whom PLIAS is a long-standing member, has published an update to ‘Clinks Thinks’, their document setting out fourteen principles and recommendations to improve the criminal justice system in order to transform lives and communities. These principles reflect the key policy issues raised by us and fellow Clinks members, and the main issues on which Clinks advocates for change.

Clinks thinks all sector’s working in criminal justice should…

  • Value the voluntary sector
  • Strengthen the sector’s voice
  • Put people at the heart of services
  • Reduce the prison population
  • Implement a distinct approach for women
  • Tackle racism and discrimination
  • Prevent the imprisonment of children
  • Deliver a distinct approach for young adults
  • Involve people with lived experience
  • Join up services to respond to multiple needs
  • Support healthy relationships
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Champion volunteering
  • Encourage creativity and inspiration


Read the principles and download the publication here